Instructors / Kai Griffin

Kai Griffin

Kai joins the Flywheel team with 10 + years experience in the fitness industry. With a background in step, athletic conditioning, TRX, muay thai, cycle, swimming, ice hockey, tennis and personal training, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the FlyBarre program.

Growing up a competitive equestrian, Kai competed in dressage for over 17 years. He never imagined being in the fitness industry, but "Now, I couldn't imagine my life without teaching! The blood, the sweat, the tears! I love it!"

When not teaching Kai is a seasoned hair stylist with a devoted clientele. Kai has been a regular fashion expert on such syndicated radio shows as the Cooper Lawrence Show, the Matt and Ramona show and Candi + Potter. He has had his work featured at New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, the Democratic National Convention and the Cannes International Film Festival.